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  • But obvs you've selected the outliers drinks, right?

  • Late call for a medium ss jersey and medium bibs - as long as that doesn't bugger up the ordering process too much

  • Yes I can pop these in

    Will get the invoice amended

  • Possibly too late but if there's any way to still amend the order can I take an xl bibs, a l Jersey, 2 caps and socks (if we ever got to 20)?

  • I’ll ask for you Dave

  • You are on Dave

    Please have a look at the SS up there, work out your prices and move the monies over to the club acc.

    10065159 16-34-24

  • Anyone got any idea on decent waterbottles?

    Anywhere do custom camelbak ones does anyone know?

  • @Rob is it too late to update the order? Ive potentially got 3 people here wanting to join and get kit, that’s if we are accepting none Brixton Alumni of course?

  • Of course we are

    Brixton Alummni was just where the idea came from

    Everyone is welcome!

  • It is to late to update the kit order though, but we can start another if need be

  • Water bottles

    I'm keen to get some made up, anyone got any good ideas, leads decent ones?

  • I got some done for a work charity ride thing.

    Ended up getting Tacx "Shiva" ones, which were nice enough - they were super cheap, but needed to order 500 of the bastards... Of which about 300 are in boxes in the basement at work. Ordered them through Applewhite Corporate Gifts. So you could look at running some Outliers mouse-mats at the same time? Tacx don't seem to take direct orders from the UK.

    Looked at Camelbak and Specialized custom ones and they are both very good but were over a tenner each, which was beyond the limited budget. Not sure of their minimum order size though. See -­ustomize-your-bottle

  • Ta

    I had a look at Camelbak and they are great, but pricey, they may well work out to be worth it in the long run.

    Although the allure of branded mouse-mats and staplers does appeal, i’ll Check out Spez and also talk to shop as they deal with them

  • I'll check with my sponsors

  • Good news

    The kit should be with you all next week, it’s being repackaged and delivered to me tomorrow 👍🏼

  • Exciting stuff!

  • It’s going to be delivered to Matt up at Talbot, maybe tomorrow

    He is away for the weekend destroying Amsterdam, but it should be ok to collect.

    I’ll bring it to Hills or TL as required next week

    If you do collect, please make sure you take what you ordered.....

  • Very cool, let me know if the postage down under is more than I gave you bud

  • Will do matey

    @Ben you will be wanting yours posted as well I expect?

    The rest of you

    Kit is up at Talbot frameworks

    @Colm @Josh @MarkEE @Boring_Pebble @Robin @Damon @luker

  • @Rob maybe check with @ben but happy to drop his off to him if you want to post in one go? He's up the road from me

  • I think you have the wrong ben, @ben is holed up in Wexford playing with lasers.

  • Postage would be great.

  • 👍🏼

  • I have the kit and it’s at @Colm ‘s

    It looks really very good so far. Very sharp

    I can drop around town tomorrow if people want

    Let me know

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Kit order 1

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