Strathpuffer 2019

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  • Lighting, how are people doing this?

    I am confused by how we will charge/change lights as we are all in pairs/solo

  • I've reserved a USE 6 pack for my handle bars. It'll hopefully get me 15 hours. I've various back up lights which I'll bring, for my helmet mount.

    There is a 'camper battery' in the campervan which is separate to the engine battery, so we can charge off that. I believe USE will swap the rented lights for a charged set.

    To reserve a USE set you can ring or email them and they'll out you on the list.

  • Ta!

    Ah I thought it was Exposure doing the lights

    Is there a link on the puffer site?

  • Found the link and that USE is Exposure

    @luker did they sell them off cheap at the end of the race last year or did I imagine that?

  • What are people’s travel plans for this

    • Does anyone need a bed for the night at ours before/after
    • are you collecting camper from Edinburgh or Inverness
  • Ben arrives Thursday and collects camper, i arrive by sleeper early Friday, we go by convoy to puffer and get a good spot on the course, we drink some cans of tenants super, we get up saturday and win a race

  • Sounds perfect

    So Edinburgh camper collection then yeah?

  • I have made a puffer cider for Friday btw

    Nice and easy 3%er

    Only drunk by champions

  • Yep, Edinburgh collection.

    As for after, I've to drop back the camper at 3 on the Monday, so might just drive as far as Inverness then sleep (I imagine I'll be tired)

  • Ok grand

    Do you want to meet me at Ballinluig on Friday and we can go up in convoy?

    @Colm how are you getting home?

  • Booked the sleeper back from inverness on Sunday

  • ok grand

    next question - food, do we want those tentmeals jobs again?

  • I was going to ask if we'd get them again. They were a welcome break from minestrone tea and frozen brownies

  • Ok, I'll check it out

    Same amount of food as last year?

    What's the itinerary on Friday as there is large potential for a dirty breakfast/brunch at Balinluig

  • @Ben & @Colm

    Do you two have a shopping list of stuff you want me to get on Thursday?

    I’m not going to get those tentmeals things, but aldi has loads of similar and cheaper things.

    Also do you have an ETA for Ballinluig yet?

  • Minestrone, pot noodle, tea

  • Good luck you idiots!

  • We are idiots

    The bruises are only just coming out now....

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Strathpuffer 2019

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