Tour of the Cairngorms/Cairngorm Loop 12/10/18 to 15/10/18

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  • As a more realistic multi day trip for 2018, i was thinking about doing this, probably in Sept/October.

    Two route options -

    There are Bothies and small towns on route, so loads of accommodation options.

    Would like to try and smash this out in 4ish days

    Info on the ITT here -­

  • Looks good. Based on the riding I did in the Scottish Etape - this should be excellent (If not a tad cold).

    p.s. Surely Cock Bridge is worth a visit.

  • Etape route goes straight past my front door! if anyone if up for that, I can accommodate, might even do the route the day before then sit in the garden and watch the groups go through with beers, BBQ and cowbells....

  • Right

    Going to pop a date on this 5th to 8th of October 2018

  • Any more love for this no we have a date?

    @Colm @luker @Ben

    I know @user5832 is potentially in from LUFGUS chats.

  • Just checked my calendar and that's the only weekend I'm not free that month.

  • 100% in

  • I've changed my name to @Velocio now :)

    I am interested... but won't know which dates I can do until about a month in advance of my doing it. My plan is to do this at some point this year, and to either buy or hire an MTB as needed. If timing is bad and I can't join a group I'll do it solo, my preference though is that I'd prefer to join a small group to do it (can be more fun, takes the risk off what to do in an emergency, i.e. accident).

    For now, I'm just subscribed to this for updates.

  • I'm keen, those dates sound good, or can do other weekends around then

  • Ok

    Well I just picked that date to pick one....

    In reality I reckon we have a good block of weekend/week dates between 7th sept and 19th Oct.

    That’s when the weather should still be pretty damn good.

    So what works for the majority @colm ?

    @Velocio if you haven’t bought a delightful pink MTB by then, I can sort one out up here for you

  • I'd be keen on to get in on this.

    Either set of dates work for me. However I imagine Sept weather would be better.

  • But there may still be midges then.... but basically we are now waiting on @colm to choose the date for us.......

  • I can do any other weekend on October

  • Weekend of 12th then?

    Weather should be just on the turn, or the mountains will be bathed in the warm glow of an Indian summer......

  • At least there'll be no midges in our bivvy bags

  • So 12th October start is a goer then?

  • Yep. Lock it in and I'll book the sleeper

  • Done

    So if you want to come along to this we leave mine (Nr Pitlochry) prob mid morn on the 12th of October.

    Prob a 3 dater but with provision for a 4 dayer if weather/life/pubs/stuff happens

  • I've started editing the route into Days here.

    I hope its visible to all?

    I reckon 3 days is doable and challenging and 4 days would be a fall back. I need to edit some of the routes ( and the day numbers in titles) but will aim for two nights in bothys, one in a pub, one camping out etc.

    have a look and let me know what you reckon.

  • Looks good. Who's carrying the kettle?

  • Obvs that gets presented to the outstanding performer of the day, every evening....

  • Worst performer of the day can carry the latrine shovel...

  • I'll make up a custom frame mount for it. It'll probably be me carrying it most of the time!

  • That’s exactly the kind of optimism we should treasure 😂

    How was the Isen on the Scabbers - Burgh trip matey?

  • Scabbers. I've not heard that one before, but I like it! Sums up the place well!

    Isen is lovely. However the headwind was brutal. Looking forward to some lighter wheels and faster rolling tyres. Just need to dial in the fit. Pretty exhausting day.

    On Sunday I was blowing out my arse on the Tour of East Lothian. Really appreciated the 34x32 gearing on the Redstone Rig

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Tour of the Cairngorms/Cairngorm Loop 12/10/18 to 15/10/18

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