Tour of the Cairngorms/Cairngorm Loop 12/10/18 to 15/10/18

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  • Sounds like a big weekend. Yeah the wind up here has been brutal last few weekends, I’m sorry to say that it actully put me off going out on Sunday (and I had a tailwind go pub).

    Just been commuting on Isen so far, looking forward to opening it up on a few hills sessions this week though

  • So, while sitting in Canopy I have realised three things and found out one.

    • This loop is meant to be done a figure of 8, but I've planned it as an inner and outer circle.
    • That Bothy Ruigh Aiteachain Bothy is closed for renovation
    • That you are meant to start and finish in Aviemore
    • That I messed the days up on the routes I did

    However, I'm not fussed about the top 3 if no one else is and some mavericks have started from Blair Atholl before.

    Anyone got any strong opinions on 'doing it to the rulebook' before I start re planning?

  • But I have found that the Glenlivet Distillery is only 8 miles off of the route....

  • Definitely not fussed about rules. After all you’re not supposed to do as a group anyways. I.e mutual support.

  • Very true, we aren’t doing this ITT style

  • I spoke to a few people who had ridden bits of this and they were encouraging about the plans so far.

    The common theme of the advice seemed to be to pick a pace/distance for the whole group and always have a bail point each day, i.e. when we are close to a village.

    I think i just need to balance the routes a bit more to reflect that

  • Anyone still keen for this?

  • Very

  • Nice - @Colm @Josh ??

    If time commitment is a mare for people I can easily change the route to a two dayer out and back to do an overnighter in a weekend?

    would be good puffer practice

  • Or even just a two day jaunt to Aviemore and the train back to Pitlochry job

  • OR

    Train to Aviemore then ride back to mine

    ENDLESS possibilites

  • Yeah feic it, still keen

  • Sweet will put a plan together for a weekends riding in he hills then.

    reckon you could get up on a Friday, maybe share the 12-00 from KGX with me?

  • Yeah i could do that then back Sunday maybe

  • What day/time should I aim to arrive in Pitlochry for this?

    Also I think we should do the trans cambrian way at some point next year, had a mate on the phone today who just got back from it, 'best bike ride he's ever done', apparently.

  • I think we will have to re-schedule the Cairngorms loop for 2019 tbh

    Is the trans Cambrian a Welsh ride?

  • No hassle.

    Yeah, Trans Cambrian is Welsh. Would be an easy two days.

  • @ben What's the route?

  • looks good that does

  • "there are plenty of pubs and shops in the towns and villages along the route, and if you time things carefully you could manage a pub lunch and a beer each day!"

  • Game for this

  • Sounds wonderful tbh

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Tour of the Cairngorms/Cairngorm Loop 12/10/18 to 15/10/18

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