Kit Round 2 - Warmer and Longer

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  • Hey everyone
    As we approach colder weather we're thinking of doing a second round of kit ordering. See this link for all available items.

    If everyone could just post what they'd like here, I'll start collating items on a google spreadsheet and then we can all have a gander in there.

  • I'd love the following

    • socks
    • mitts
    • a couple of caps
    • A Roubaix LS in Large
    • A Gilet in Large
    • A Hardshell Jacket in Large

    As a hangover from Order 1

    • Gilets for Ailsa, Matt, Caren and @Colm

    • Cap and socks for @bmt

  • Much like Rob, I would like:

    1. Socks
    2. Mitts
    3. Cap
    4. Roubaix LS in medium
    5. Shorts in large
    6. Gilet in medium
    7. Hardshell jacket in medium

    Its likely I might cut this down when I see total value in spreadsheet...

  • Hi I would like the following:

    Roubaix LS in medium
    Shorts in medium (would also go for Roubaix tights if available?)
    Gilet in medium



  • @Josh do Miltag do any mtb stuff?

    Cheers Jamie

  • Hey @Jamie

    Looking at this there is definitely some, let me know if you want anything and i'll let milltag know and see if we can use an existing design.

  • Hi @Josh

    I believe @colm has an MTB top order for you?


    Ok, This is the first draft of the shared sheet. Let me know if there are any tech issues. I'm working to fill the orders above.

  • Can I also et a L gilet and a pair of L Roubaix bibs (if they do them) and I think you’ve missed off @Colm ‘s jacket?

    Sorry can’t work google

  • Do we know the sizes for Ailsa, Matt and Caren?

  • Got the sizes

    Also RE MTB stuff

    "We can do MTB jerseys - round or V neck, short or long sleeve"

    let me know what you guys prefer.

  • Not fussed on neck, although V is better for my massive head

    Happy to go with what the style guru’s of @colm and @ben decide

  • V neck long sleeve like the other mtb jersies we got recently...

  • I hear the deep v is all the rage for A/W 18

    Something along these lines...

    1 Attachment

    • v-neck.jpg
  • Final Kit order - will assign values when i get them back from Milltag

    20 x Socks (min order)
    13 x Caps
    4 x Gloves
    3 x Roubaix LS (1S 1L, 1M)
    6 x Gilets (1L, 3M, 2S)
    3 x Hardshell Jacket (1S 1L, 1M)
    3 x Shorts (1S 1L 1M)
    3 x Roadsuit LS (2S 1L) anyone else want a skinsuit for aero track league action?
    3 x MTB V neck LS tops (maybe extras)

  • Just so it's documented here as well, I've emailed Ed and Pete to remove the shorts from my order.

  • Here is the current Breakdown of the order - let me know if anything is wildly incorrect.

    AccNo - 59686952
    Sc - 608006
    Joshua Bailey

    1 Attachment

    • outliersv2.png
  • Hey everyone - let me know when you're able to send the money across

  • Paid

  • Paid

  • Thanks @Colm and @Jamie!

    Have emailed asking about arrival times!

  • Cheers @Josh will send some dollar your way.

  • Kit will be arriving next week!
    @Rob is the delivery location so if he's around the week before christmas we should be able to book the calendar shoot.

    Socks were delayed so they are arriving separately (boo)

  • Oh right, they are heading to Scotland?

    Can we change it to London?

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Kit Round 2 - Warmer and Longer

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