Wednesday Night RP Laps/North Hills.

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  • @Josh and I are going to do some laps this evening, probably an 18-30 meet at the Royal College of Physicians.

    Weekly we can do laps or North hills depending on feels.

  • @JonAmir - this is why you need to come back to London - need more of the "flying brick"

  • This is on again tonight

    We meet at Bloomberg about 18-00 or then Anti clockwise laps from about 18-30ish

  • Afraid I can't make tonight due to work - would like to attend regularly in future though.

    I did some laps there on sunday - I had forgotten the sound that deep section carbon wheels made 🙄

  • The Choppers or death

    We'll be circulating for a bit @Dan-RJ , be good to see you even if you squeeze a lap in?

    in conversation with @Colm we will retire to The Rake in Boro for a beer afterwards

  • I'm not on on biek today unfortunately. May make it for a pint after though. Will let you know

  • make it so

  • Was great to do a midweek bike again, 10/10

  • Up for some laps this week - anyone else about?

  • Definitely

    Probably @Josh and @Colm as well

    Prob around 18-15 meet at BBG or 20 mins later in park going anti

  • This is on

    Meeting in park at surgeons about 18-30 safest bet as @josh is doing something dodgy beforehand so Bloomberg meet probably not an option

  • Who is in for this this week?

    @Colm @Josh @Dan-RJ

  • I'm driving back to Somerset so out

  • :(

    Desperate to see that TT?

  • @JonAmir and I are riding up cheddar gorge in celebration of him finishing a dissertation

  • I will be doing some laps of Regents on Monday night if anyone is keen

    Relaxed chatlap pace, maybe a visit to The Rake afterwards.

  • Going to get this going in earnest again untill Track League starts

    Starting next week with @Josh

    Will be chatty as I will have a bag on having come from York...

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Wednesday Night RP Laps/North Hills.

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