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  • With Sunday's murmurings of pub discontentment in the ranks there may be considerations of trialing a new winter-friendly pub option. This Tuesday will not be the day though so it's the classic Trinity/LiL combo instead.

    1800 meet across the road from Toppings for an 1815 depart.

    Essentially the idea is 2 hours of short, sharp efforts, a good natter and a pint afterwards at Lost in Leith.

    It's 'run wot u brung' and all bikes and abilities are welcome. You take the hills at your own pace and the flats are relaxed for rest/chatting. Normal club run rules apply, "No manners, no spanners" Don't be a dick & Don't ride like a dick etc.

    Please download the route if possible as it makes keeping the group together much easier.


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