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  • Hi bike fam!

    This week will be led by Ruby, starting at her beloved geese in Fountainbridge.

    You know the drill, strictly no-drop ride. We will wait at key points to keep the group together. These group rides are more about claiming some precious & potholed tarmac space, rather than chasing QOMs. The only essential thing to have is a working bike - any type will do.

    the days are long but fully charged lights are still a good idea at this time of year - you never know, you might make some new friends and decide to hang out after the ride! We encourage you to wear a helmet. A small request that everyone checks their brakes beforehand as we want to keep you all safe. A spare tube to fix a flat tyre is a must and some tools would be grand but there will always be someone with tools to help out if you need to borrow anything (if disaster strikes, you will get help). Our rides are completely self supported which mean we will be there for you as best we can but you are ultimately responsible for your own safety and wellbeing.

    See your glorious faces soon!


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