Etape Caledonia weekender/MTB/road cycling trip

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  • Since my house is on the route of the of this closed road sportive, I thought it might be worth a trip, if anyone wants to, to take in some kind of pedaling around this event. A three day weekend etc...

    The proper ride is on the 20th May

    Can ride the event, ride the route on the Saturday, then watch it come past the garden with some beers and a spring BBQ on the Sunday, go MTBing, fishing, distilleries, pub whatever.

    Partners, dogs, offspring all welcome, could make it a mini festival as neighbors keen on cycling as well

    In terms of accommodation, we have some rooms in the house, a garden for camping there are loads of B&B's and the pub has rooms, if people prefer.

    Can sort collection from Sleeper or Edinburgh and Dundee airports.

    Any takers?

  • Could be a goer - come up Friday/Saturday, go back Monday?

  • Whatever suits you matey, I will probably be getting the sleeper/plane up at some point that week so can co-ordinate.

    Would you ride it?

    Just trying to work out who would ride and who would watch :)

  • Sounds like a top plan. I'll wander home though 😁

  • Sadly though looks like I might be at Spa. But this is a close second.

  • At Spa, the track or a spa? πŸ˜‚

  • Flat up Eau Rouge, or flat on your back getting pampered?

  • Going to start planning this in earnest.

    Who is in and needs accommodation and/or a bike?

  • I reckon there is a route between 3 distilleries & 2 breweries we can mtb about to and partners can drive too, or just meet us at the last one in Aberfeldy, could be many lols....

    Then do a big cx/traily loop one day around Dunkeld etc

  • I'll camp in the garden. I'll bring one bike, so if we're road and mtbing, I'll need a lend of a road bike.

  • Reckon it will just be MTB to be fair.

    Save Roads for another trip/NC700 in 2019 :)

  • Need to start planning this in earnest

    Who is in and who\what are you bringing?

  • BUMP

    if you are coming up/over, plz shout so I can book distillery tours/mtbs for you

    Camping in garden/outbuildings/summerhouse is also an option or i can sort out local accommodation....(across the road)

  • I'm still up for it. In terms of getting there is it an arrive Friday evening leave Monday evening situation?

    Dibs the summer house.

    I'll rent a mtb, cheaper than flying with one.

  • Summer house it’s yours

    Can be a Friday Monday job

  • A sensible version of me would have realised ages ago that this is my girlfriend's birthday weekend and as such no jaunts to Scotland would be tolerated...

  • What could be better than a romantic camping trip to Scotland?

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Etape Caledonia weekender/MTB/road cycling trip

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